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Demonstrations in the balance of Islamic law

Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, and his family and companions and his God, but after these things are a lot of question these days related to what is happening in Muslim countries of sedition collected and answered in summary, and without mentioning the evidence for being known to the general Muslim as well as Scholars and studentsFirst question: Are these demonstrations in some Muslim countries legitimate or not?

Demonstrations at this time of what was considered the rights of the people, express their views, and protest against what they see contrary to their interests, have been infidels in their countries, and they practice it often peacefully, has been accompanied by clashes that leave wounded, and rarely left dead, then Muslims Imitated them in this medium, and emulated them as much of what they imitated them to impress them with their civilization, and their sense of weakness and psychological defeat in front of what they considered political, economic and social progress, and the reason for this ignorance, including their religion, and negligence in its provisions, and left them the means prescribed by God and His Messenger for reform, it is adequate purpose. Sufficient in achieving it, and The blood of their knowledge of them and use them does not imply lack thereof, in this Fmthelhm Kcol says Kalaas in Baida *** kill her thirst and water on a portable appearance.

Therefore, these demonstrations, even if they claim that they are good, or have witnessed the fact that some of them have led to some reform, are illegal in Islam. It was lawful that did not justify the illegal means. But it is illegal in itself regardless of what it entails because it is a tradition of the infidels and follow them in their passions, and that is not permissible to say God.